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A water pumping station on the Isle of Dogs


Starting off

I have a baby, for the sake of this site I’ll call him Little Man, who turns six months old today. He’s absolutely amazing and wonderful and fascinating and…well, I can go on and on about him. I also have an amazing and wonderful and fascinating (I can go on and on about him too) husband who I love dearly. We are currently living in London and are raising Little Man to love travelling as much as we do.

One interesting fact about Little Man is that he has already flown over 30,000 miles. How has he travelled so much, you’re asking? Well…living in the UK, I can get up to a year for maternity leave. My husband travels a lot for work so we are fortunate enough to travel with him.

This past week while wandering around Moscow, I found out that there aren’t many places online that provide information on travelling in certain areas with babies. Sure, there are loads of sites and books about travelling with kids, but not babies or very young children. Meaning tips on where to find the best and cleanest nappy changing areas, ramps for steps for strollers, places discreet enough to breastfeed, good sites and museums to visit and so on and so forth. So I thought I’d start writing about our adventures Travelling with Daddy and pass along any tips we have on travelling with a little one as well as any interesting and fun places we’ve discovered during our travels.
I’ll also go back in time and write about where we’ve already been (not in chronological order): US (Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Erie, Houston, Chicago), Switzerland, Turkey (Istanbul), Russia (Moscow) as well as in and around London and the UK.
I hope you enjoy my new adventure of writing this as well as any travels you end up taking with your little one(s).