About me

I am a first time mum of a wonderful little boy. My husband and I both have a love of travelling. Babies, of course, change lives, but I believe they don’t have to change lifestyles. We knew we wanted to keep travelling and we decided that would just take him with us. Travelling with a baby is very different from travelling without one but we haven’t had it stop us from exploring new places.
I decided to start this blog because researching baby friendly activities in Moscow was really hard. I also noticed that while there are resources for information on travelling with families, the information on travelling with babies is hard to find.
Travelling with a pre-crawling baby is easier than you think. As long as you plan enough breaks in the day, you should be good to go. So many people in so many countries love seeing young families and there is always someone happy to lend a helping hand while you search for your passport or boarding pass, get your luggage or try to unfold your stroller.
I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures.

COMMENTS: all opinions are my own and I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I would love to hear yours, but please be respectful when you comment.
PHOTOS: All photos are mine and are not to be copied or reused without my written permission.

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