Tall ships!!

No need to travel far this past weekend, as our adventures were right on our doorstep! We went to the Tall Ships Festival in Greenwich on Sunday, taking in the amazing masted ships and also visiting on board the beautiful Cutty Sark.
We took two strollers and public transport on Sunday. It seemed like a good idea because I know Maritime Greenwich is a pain for parking and there is a DLR stop right there. And while it worked getting there, it was a major fail on the return, especially with strollers. There is a set of escalators that were for those passengers arriving in Greenwich and stairs and a lift for those leaving. Unfortunately, the lift is ridiculously small and the queue was massive so we decided to jump on a bus to head to North Greenwich where the O2 is and take the tube from there. So a trip that took about 25 minutes one way took over an hour on the return. And with a very tired Little Man, it wasn’t the best. But we’ve learned over the last two and a half years to carry distractions. Lately, it’s been sticker books and little vehicles like one of these or this. And of course one of his many friends
These distractions are also great to pull out at lunch. It’s amazing how long we can play with a sticker book with Little Man before he gets bored. And yes, we have resorted to a quick movie/show on the iPhone at times too. There are some times, we have learned, where the only way to keep him from having a massive meltdown is by distraction on the screen. Fortunately, he’s not obsessed by it and after about 15/20 minutes, we have a bit of a reset by him.
All in all, it was a fun day but I think lesson learned by the public transportation. Next time, we’ll drive.

The Maritime Greenwich area, even on a regular day (and not during the tall ship festival), is a great place for kids. I’ll write about it more in another post.

Here is a shot of one of the fall ships in the final parade heading out to sea and onto their next adventure. What a beautiful site!!


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