Travelling underground…

Tips for travelling on any metro/underground system with a little one (in no particular order):
– Find the handicap areas to board the train as they tend to be step-free
– If you can use a sling and avoid a stroller, do
– Find when peak times are. Try not to travel during them
– If you have to travel during peak times, be polite and courteous
– When the trains are busy, it helps having things to entertain your little one with, be it food, a pacifier or toys. Avoid the obnoxiously noisy toys if you’re going to be on the train for a while and it’s busy…actually, this helps when trains aren’t busy too…but then again, bored and frustrated babies aren’t always fun so whatever works is best
– When using the escalators and there are a lot of people, go to the back of the line to take the escalator up. That way, you can be a bit slower and not disrupt those commuters who are so keen to get home without many interruptions
– Be nice, courteous and don’t forget to smile. Happy mummy/daddy helps for a happy baby which helps contribute to happy commuters
– Head for the lifts, where possible. The voices, though, on some can be really loud and may either wake little one or startle them, so escalators might be better
– Don’t forget to hold on
– It’s OK to ask someone to vacate a seat so you (and your little one) can sit down. There are designated seats for that reason
– Be prepared for your stop in advance so you’re not rushing to get off
– If you take the stroller, don’t forget to put the brake on
– When little one is on your lap and the stroller is next to you, don’t forget that the bags hanging on the handles add weight and there is a higher potential for the stroller to tip when the train stops short…
– Walk instead

What tips do you have for underground travel?


2 thoughts on “Travelling underground…

  1. Adam Sommer

    Great tips! We have taken our toddler all over the Tube, and have not ever had an issue. London is so safe, and the people so incredibly nice. My wife is often without me, and there is always someone willing to help with the stroller.

    That said, walking I agree is great advice. As is avoiding peak times (baby or not, these are both good ideas).

    I agree having a baby carrier is much easier than the stroller….they only issue is always that stroller – its so big, often Tube stations lack elevators, and the trains are so small and cramped anyway.

    Great article!

    1. Travels With Daddy Post author

      Thanks! You’ll find London is starting to add elevators to their central and west London stations. We live in east London and most stations have step-free access. If we travel into the West End, we definitely rely on another set of hands to carry the stroller up and down stairs.


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