Moscow, Russia – getting there

The city with Seven Sisters. The Kremlin. St Basil’s Cathedral. GUM. Wow…this city is truly beautiful. But how good was it with Little Man? Let me start off by saying I don’t know any Russian, I’ve never been to Russia before and only looked briefly at a map before picking our hotel and sorting out how to get there from the airport. We did get a guidebook, though.

So, the details:
Travel to airport – car
Airline – BA
Bulkhead – yes
Travelling solo – no
How Little Man got to gate – sling
Age of Little Man – 5 months 3 weeks
Length of trip – 8 days

We arrived early evening into Domodedovo ( airport and through some really bad signage for a taxi rank, we ended up taking the Aeroexpress, the express train straight into Moscow. It was excellent – fast, clean and smoke free and took about 45 minutes to get to the circle line of the Moscow metro system. On arrival into Moscow, we deciphered the metro map to find whlinerrain that would take us close to our hotel and after an accidental wrong train, we made to the hotel without any major incident.

Modes of transportation on that first evening – Aeroexpress and Metro

My one complaint of the metro system was that it is not very friendly for anything requiring wheels. No elevators that we saw at all and only some stations had escalators. Of all the stations we went to, only a very few of them were completely step-free. What was really impressive, though, was that anyone who saw me (or my husband) go up or down stairs with the stroller, they would immediately pick up the other end and help carry it up or down the steps. The strange part of it was they would do it without any eye contact, not saying a word and most often even without a smile. They would just help as it it was a part of their being. A whole lot better than the London Underground…I learned the word “thank you” very quickly.

We arrived on the Sunday with Monday allowing for the three of us to see the sights before my husband had to work the rest of the week and I go solo.

My first impressions – fairly easy to manoeuvre around in the metro system and lots of possibilities of exploring solo.

Next up – a day of sightseeing with the whole family and then the rest of the time solo with Little Man…


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